Buying a Scooter and Guidelines to Group Riding



Guidelines for Group Riding –because

Your riding enjoyment and safety are of concern to us

.NOTE —  Group rides are social rides and not designed for riders to go off on their own or showing others how fast you can ride.

  • Please turn up at the nominated meeting point, on time with a full tank  of fuel and in appropriate riding apparel .

  • Ascertain who is the ride leader, prior to the ride and find out where to ride is going and any stopping or rest points

  • Most important —Always remember the ride is not a race

  • Always be part of the group and don’t go off riding on your own

  • Try not to leave big gaps between you and the rider in front, but do follow at a safe distance.

  • When riding in convoy try to stagger your position so the rider in front can see you in his / her rear view mirror .

  • If you intend to leave the ride, make sure to let the leader know .

  • Any questions about the ride do not be embarrassed to ask .

  • .Central Coast Scooter Club will not accept any liability for accidents or damage which may occur during rides .

CORNER MARKING to be used when more than  8 riders are in the group

. Group leader and the tail end  rider stay in position throughout the ride

. When the ride takes a turn, the leader will indicate to the rider behind him to mark the corner.

.    That rider stays on the corner in a visable and safe position, directing the  riders until the tail rider

appears .

.  When the tail rider appears, the marker rider will rejoin the group in 2nd last position

The leader with other riders should wait for you at a safe location or the next nominated stopping spot should

you get left behind .

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A GUIDE  to BUYING A MOTOR SCOOTER ( comments made by our members )

It may be your first Motor Scooter or maybe your 2nd but there are some basic rules you should strongly consider .whether you buy it from a dealer or privately .

You are buying a Motor  Scooter because you want convenience ,economy and a bit of fun   .

A reputable dealer will probably alert you to whether your riders permit or licence allows you to ride the scooter you are looking at whereas a Private seller probably will not know.

Always remember that you will be in traffic on 2 wheels and the scooter must be suitable to you ,your body weight ,your ability to hold it up when stationary plus control it at both low and higher speeds.

Small 50cc,100cc scooters might be fine if all you want it for is  for that odd trip to the local shop etc  but for regular trips of 10klms or more you need at least 150cc or  more preferably 250cc when you live in  a hilly terrain or busy areas .In reality the larger engine size may only cost a couple of hundred dollars more for that extra safety

Most riders choose a smaller scooter at first and soon find that they need a larger more powerful one to meet their everyday needs  

Being able to place both feet on the ground when you are stationary is most important,

Having both a side stand and centre stand are  important and do you feel physically strong enough to hold the weight of the scooter upright

Being able to view traffic behind you in the mirrors is also very important and a windscreen provides better comfort  

.You will be told various facts about the scooter  but dont always believe what you are told unless it is in a brochure etc

Sit on the scooter and feel it for yourself –is there enough leg room –is the seat comfortable , do you feel restricted with your arms and are all the controls easily accessible

Remember you do not have a reverse gear so do you have the strength  to push the scooter backwards

Scooters are driven by a system of  rollers /sliders which grip onto plates which grab onto a belt which drives the rear wheel

Such items are subject to wear and tear and most need a check up at  about 20000klms or sometimes less dependent on the make and usage of the vehicle .

It is wise to select a brand name that is fairly well known by the trade and which can offer service and spare parts.

Basic things like brakes tyres and the general condition of the scooter are factors that you will automatically consider 

The above is given as a guideline only  to help you choose a Scooter that will give you satisfaction in riding and ownership