The Club & Contacts


2018 –We celebrate 11 Years of riding together 

Our aim is to bring scooter riders  together to share some time  in   group rides and other social  events.

We refer to ourselves as a club ,but we have no formal executive or club rules and  there is no joining fee or membership costs .

Whether your new to scooter riding or  not , we welcome you  to join us on one or more of our  group rides ,plus  socialising   with  like minded people about  scooters. and all  other things .

 We are riders of all ages and gender who are just looking to have a good time .

.We  normally ride on the second  and the last Saturday of each month but  sometimes on  weekdays and Sundays .

Most rides involve riding to  places  which are a bit “off the beaten track”,where the traffic is lighter  and where you might never go on your own ,—  all  are shown  on our  ” Rides and Events” page .

 We say NO to riding in the rain (but we admit to not being able to control the weather)  and we  will not knowingly plan to  ride on dirt or gravel  roads .

Because we all ride different size  scooters, details of speeds and distances are normally disclosed in our ride descriptions to help you decide whether or not the ride will suit you and your machine.



-When joining us on a  ride ,make sure to check  the  date–, starting timeand where  the ride  will start from –normally Hungry Jacks at West Gosford or Tuggerah —plus make sure you have a full   tank of fuel




Central Coast Scooter Club ride day

                             Club Barbecue  “Rumbalara Reserve” Gosford  October 2009

Central Coast Scooter Club  is a un incorporated non profit group with no liability insurance .

We  ask that all riders  sign (once only) a declaration of non liability prior to participating in a their 1st   ride with us .


Maybe we are fortunate or  just good luck that  we have never sustained one accident or injury in the 11 years of group riding

Unfortunately, some of our members  have had their lives cut short by cancer and other medical problems

We would like to pay our respects to those members and hope their families are coping with their loss

Those members are —–Len Smith from Umina

                                              Barry Atkins from Davistown

                                             John Monk from Niagara Park

                                             Fred Warren from Kincumber 

           All good men and may they all rest in peace

OUR DISCLAIMER –Central Coast Scooter Club is not a registered club or association .There is no committee, there are no rules, we do not carry Public Liability Insurance and we accept no responsibility or liability for accidents or damage to yourself /pillion or scooter whilst participating  in any of  our social rides and events .

We make every effort to organise safe rides and events on public roads trying to ensure that everyone will enjoy the experience. We strongly recommend that riders wear the appropriate riding apparel and take notice of the guidelines we recommend for group /convoy riding . We do not enforce such measures ,but we ask for your responsible voluntary cooperation and remind you that you ride with us AT YOUR OWN RISK .

Central Coast Scooter Club will not accept any liability for accidents or damage which occurs during a group ride or event

So, WELCOME  now lets hit the road.


Further  contact and enquiries  can be made
  Rod Fountain on 43142737 or Peter Adderley  43281810