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Grahams ride to the New England area April 2015

Graham rides a Burgman 400 and lives in a southern suburb of Newcastle

Hi, Had a great ride.

Day one..I went via Thunderbolts way. Cloudy day and one small shower near Stroud, then dry and light cloud for the rest of the day, Road has improved a bit over the last few year. Stopped at Carsons lookout where I ran into three other riders and had a long chat about bikes and such. Got up to Nowendoc about 12.30 for a delicious juicy hamburger at the local store/bottle shop/café/petrol stop. The road from Gloucester to Walcha is fantastic except for a few bumps near Walcha. Very little traffic. Got to Walcha about 2.00 and got a cheap motel room ($65) and sucked in a few beers.

Day two.. Cold, and very foggy at Walcha, couldn’t see the road till 8.30, after that, perfect. Went via Kentucky, then northwards to Tenterfield, the best part of the trip, wonderful roads, great surfaces, sweeping bends and hills to fly up. Practically no traffic. Somehow I missed the turnoff and didn’t get to see Emmaville. Next time. Tenterfield to Texas is the Bruxner Hway, which is narrowish but a good surface nice surface and little traffic. Got into Texas about 2.15 into the hotel, where guest get a free drink on arrival. Pub was very clean, friendly and inexpensive. Trip so far 730kms. Texas declares itself “the first official motorcycle friendly town in Qld.”

Day three… Awake  at 4.00 due to noisy hotel aircon, left early,  Back through Inverell and Bundarra to Uralla, quiet backroad, where the locals don’t mind cutting corners,and lots of kangaroos bouncing across the road, but a very enjoyable ride. I had intended to stay overnight at Bendemeer but got there at 11.30 so rode on to Murrurundi, to book into a pub, but the publican was very uncooperative, so I kept going, next thing I’m in Singleton with still plenty of time, so I kept going and got home at 4:45, a total of 1360 kms. and well worth it. Scooter handled it with ease. Next trip will hopefully be to the National Rally in SA next year, if I can afford it.

Cheers, Graham.

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 2014 BURGMAN 200 TEST

The Burgman is one of only a handful of scooters to be released this year. Lucky for us the new Suzuki Burgman 200 is a cracker. 

Allen Drysdale -“As new scooters go, the Burgman 200 is very, very impressive. There are scooters you can easily recommend, ones that you know will provide years of happiness and fulfilment. The Burgman 200 is one such scooter.
We often use the term “If you could only own one scooter”. In the case of the Burgman 200 it’s true, owning a Burgman would be a no-brainer. Good one Suzuki for bringing this one to Australia.’

Pete Gailey – “We took it for an all day – 500 kilometre ride, on fast country roads in the company of some big bikes and a C650 BMW. The Burgman 200 turned out to be more than adequate, actually it was exceptional. I don’t know how Suzuki got this 200 cc machine to perform like any other 300, but the engine turned out to be a gem with a 9,500 redline, plenty of low down torque and a cruising speed being well past legal. The mini Burgman was competitive with the rest of the group and on more than a few occasions it took the lead ride.” 

For a bit over $6,000 ride away, Suzuki have really come up with a winner here and I’m having trouble figuring out what could beat it in the value v’s performance equation. The only negative and something I didn’t like was that my knees were sitting up high and I’m not a fan of riding with my feet forward.”

James – Bikes are normally my thing – “I was surprised that a scooter could possibly be so right and work so well, kind of made me happy. Having never ridden a scooter before, I’m thinking I was lucky that the Burgman 200 would be my first.”

Ian – Technical Overview -”In summary I found the Burgman 200 a treat and most of all – a surprise. It was refreshing to find a smaller capacity machine with such nice features and inclusions. On my ride I found the scooter to be stable, spirited and easy to ride. Quality and robust components and the promise of easy maintenance and economical ownership make this scooter a must ride for those looking for a fantastic all-rounder.” 

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Graham’s trip to the 2016 National Scooter Rally  plus  4967 klms later

The first day of the trip started poorly with a shower of rain hitting as I was loading the scooter and delaying me for a crucial half hour, causing me to hit Wahroonga at 8:30. Just in time for morning rush/school zones, taking me 40mins. to do the 6kms of Pennant Hills Rd. That bit of road is about the worst bit of riding you can do, but bravely (or, no other choice) I plugged on.

The first stop was at the café opposite Richmond RAAF, where the service has improved, but the coffee hasn’t. There my wife caught up, having came that far with my daughter and son-in-law in their car, to ease my trauma from Pennant Hills Rd. A short break, and a mug of the aforesaid coffee later we started that glorious climb up the Blue Mountains, along Bells Line of (scenic, winding, spectacular Road, down through Lithgow, and our next break at Blayney, for a quick lunch. The ride thus far had been great. There’s nothing better that riding in the country. From Blayney to Mandurama was peaceful, very little traffic, and good surfaces. The scoot just hummed along, and carried the two of us so smoothly through some great open scenic country to Eugowra for our first night and some bushranger-history museum visiting. We saw Johnny Gilberts pistol, ( A relic of the Eugowra Gold Escort Robbery of 1865.A total of 460ks for the day. All good riding (except for 6km.)

The second day was mostly flat and straight. A lunch break at Goolgowi, then the iconic Hay Plains flew past, and we are in Hay, my old stamping ground from my days as a rep for Esso. It seem that the town has survived the recession well and is spreading out and looking good. Everyone should ride the Hay Plains at least once, and back, nonstop. We arrived in Balranald at about 3:30, with the bums feeling the strain of 545ks.

Day three saw us arriving at Renmark about 2:00 after a KFC lunch at Mildura, a really lovely 300k ride through miles of fruit trees, and glimpses of the Murray river. At Renmark we opted to stay at the (rather posh) Renmark Hotel with a second floor room overlooking the Murray. Bloody luxury but worth the extra. Friday nights function in the Hotel was the usual noisy rowdy affair, where the scooterists let their hair down, (if they have enough to spare), and catch up with old acquaintances, and make new ones. This is the core of the Rally and cause of many a sore head

 Saturday was the ride-out to Barmera. The scooters gathered at the Paringa Caravan Park for the ride. There were about 50 scooters of all types, including some types I have never see, including Aprilia 850, Honda Spacey, and even a Heinkel. Also some very interesting Vespas. I am always surprised at the low attendance. One would think there would be more than 50. We took a ride to Barmera, and around Lake Bonney, where Donald (or was it Malcolm) Campbell attempted the world water speed record in Bluebird. The rideouts are all fun, especially when the group splits and half head off in the wrong direction. Saturday night was another riotous event, with presentations, awards, door prizes, more dancing (of a sort) and more grog.

We chose not to do the Sunday ride to Loxton, instead took a paddle wheeler trip up the Murray on the historic, authentic steamer the PS Industry, 1911 vintage.

These rallies are a real buzz, and it is such a shame that more people don’t attend. Perhaps it is just too far for the smaller scooters.

After we left the rally we travelled over to Ceduna, then did the Eyre Peninsular, up to Quorn for a ride on the PichiRichi Railway, then home through Broken Hill.(But that’s another story). The total distance of our little ride was 4967Kms in 15 days. We are both weary and sore in the obvious places, and my right knee is finally unlocking. But I would do it again, though I’m not sure my wife would.  Hopefully I’ll be doing the Snowy Mountains later in the year, (Anybody Interested??]

 Scooter and Bikers Prayer

Lord, let your hand be on the throttle of my life.

When I need to go forward, open it up!

Keep my eyes focused in front of me,

So that I don’t become lost.

When I need to turn, Point me in the right direction.

Show me the signs along the way,

And give me the wisdom to take the right road.

When I need to stop, Put on the brakes.

When I ride into the darkness, Be my headlight.

Encourage me to take time daily To fill my tank with your Spirit.

Protect me and guide me safely around the potholes in my path.

Forgive me when I ride off course, As I forgive others that may (un)intentionally cut me off.

Throughout my journeys in this life,

May I be a witness to your strength, your joy and your love, And may you ride by myP1030817 side from this day and forever more.