Northern Beaches November 2010


The day was overcast with the threat of rain

We gathered at Doyalson at 9.15am and rode to Freemans Waterholes where we met Paul S ,Paul P from Hunter Riders and John and Carol making 9 scooters in total .Paul S led us into Cessnock through some scenic backroads via Quorrbolong and into Maccas Cessnock  for coffee and a bite to eat .

Onwards through the vineyards to Broke,a tiny village and then on towards Denman on the Golden Hghy with lots of rolling hills and massive open cut coal mines

We experienced some drizzle along the way but that soon changed as we rode into Denman with the sun shining ,roadside flags and the entire town buzzing with people for their 7th annual wine and food festival .

There were helicopter rides,Harley Rides,kids blowing bubbles, clowns ,street performers ,bands and musicans ,food and wine stalls galore,in fact an atmosphere that was both  electrifying and exciting and totally enjoyable.

I watched as a rider tried to tame a mechanical bull outside the pub and bought a giant pumpkin for $3 for my wife off a trailer left in a side street.

We departed Denman at the agreed time of 2.30 pm for the ride home back on the New England Hghy .

The boys from Hunter left us at Branxton and I arrived back home on the Central Coast at 5.30pm

What a memorable and thoughoughly enjoyable day. 430 klm of great riding and good company.

Some Scootering Fun